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I promised a quick turnaround preview for this engagement session … but then winter had other plans. The snow came through here last week in the Hudson Valley and brought with it crazy wind and my power went out for four days! With no generator, I had to temporarily move out and work (and life) came to a temporary halt. I was absolutely ITCHING to get my desktop computer back up and running, though, because I knew I had this amazing engagement session waiting for me!

When I talked with Casey via Facetime for our intial “meeting”, I just knew that it was going to be SO much fun working with her and Giacomo. And sure enough … it was. I always tell people not to worry about the feeling of discomfort or nervousness that may take place during the start of the photo shoot. It can take a few moments to adjust to having a camera on you. But after a bit, people relax … and the pictures just get better and better. And if by chance the pictures at the start weren’t the best … no worries. I just delete them! Buuuut, with these two, I actually kept the VERY FIRST picture I took in their final cut of photos. From the moment we got started, there was nothing but incredible happiness and love that was so evident you could literally feel it.

We wandered around outside at Longwood Gardens … and had the place to ourselves! Then we moved indoors, Casey put on an AMAZING dress, and we joined the unexpected throngs of people that were visiting that day. (And I do mean … throngs.) But despite the fact that whole groups of older people stopped to watch them snuggle for the camera (like … literally stopped and watched, lol), we managed to make it look like they were the only ones there : )

But enough chatter! On to the photos! This first set of black and white photos are especially for Casey’s Mom who told me how much she LOVES black and white images …

These two have the biggest, happiest smiles. It literally makes my insides smile when I look at these photos!

Casey, I’ve decided that if you’re into the idea, maybe we should contact some beauty companies and see if we can’t turn you into a hair model ; )

These guys are superstars at tuning people out. There was literally a group of like 15 senior citizens who stopped to watch them have their picture taken in this pretty little corner of Longwood …

And we ended with a little rain. But a stroll in the rain is always romantic : )

Wanna hear something that’s really funny (well, now it is!)?? Ok, so after we shot the initial outdoor photos, we went indoors and I waited as they went into the bathrooms to change. I had missed a ton of calls, so while I usually don’t check my messages while I’m shooting, I was worried something had happened. Weeeeell, something did happen. Apparently, I had been exposed to measles earlier in the week. The NYS health department and a variety of other health departments were all trying to reach me to find out if I’d been vaccinated. I let them know that I was, at 3 months, and they then informed me that I wasn’t protected, because 3 months is too early for the vaccine to work. Oops. So while I sat on the bench, waiting for Casey and Giacomo to return, I was informed about my likelihood of having contracted measles. NOT. GOOD. The health department official let me know, though, that if I had in fact been infected, I was DEFINITELY not contagious at that point since measles has an incubation period of 10 to 14 days. So she assured me there was no way I was posing any kind of risk to anyone.

So I felt ok proceeding. Except, now I was panicking inside. MEASLES! I don’t want measles!

I didn’t want to spoil the mood of the session, though ,so I didn’t share my measles story with them. Because, after all, measles is just not very romantic. But I’m so thankful that these two are such fun and delightful people because my mind was so, so heavy with worry at this point. But the second we started shooting again, it was all smiles and laughter. I actually forgot about the measles until I was back in my car at the end of the session. And then I was like, oh yeah, I might have measles next week.

Happily, it turns out that my information was incorrect … and I was actually vaccinated at 13 months and 8 years old. So … no measles for me : ) I didn’t find that out until Sunday night … so I panicked for a good 24 hours … but hey, what’s life without a little panic??!! : )

Anyway, these two are sure to have an AMAZING wedding in just a few short months. I’m beyond, beyond excited for it. I’ll be there … measles free … and ready to capture some crazy beautiful photos (complete with a whole collection in black and whites for Momma ; ))

Happy Thursday!


Kate Callahan is an on-location photographer who LOVES to capture authentic memories for families. She’s available for weddings, senior photos, child photo sessions, and family photography. Kate works with clients throughout the Hudson Valley, NYC,  Delaware (and the tri-state area), and beyond. She also writes motivational books for photographers. Find them at Dear Female Photographer.

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