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fall photos + celebrity crushes — hudson valley family photographer

I put together a Facebook gallery with some of my favorite fall memories from the past 10 years. Take a peek. Aaaaand, day 12 of my writing challenge! I’m not going in the order listed for the challenge; I’m jumping around and picking and choosing what I feel like writing about in the moment. And of […]

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Fall Photos … and the movies I can watch and watch and watch …

I’ve been photographing families, kids, and weddings for 10 years now! Crazy. So that means I’ve got 10 years worth of amazing fall pictures! I literally have thousands of photos. So I went and pulled out a few of my favorites and put them in a Facebook gallery. Take a peek. And now, back to […]

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30 facts — hudson valley child photographer

DAY 10: Post 30 Facts About Yourself I’m plugging right along with my writing challenge! I’m now 1/3 of the way done. I juuuuuuust might make it all the way this time. I tend to think in bullet-points, so today’s challenge was perfect : ) 1. I was born in Wilmington, DE. 2. My entire life I’ve […]

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Adrienne M McDonald Kate, this was SO great! I’ve been your customer for 7 years and NEVER knew any of this about you! LOVE LOVE LOVE that you shared a glimpse of YOU with us. xoxo

kate Thank you : ) : ) And HOW is it 7 years?! HOW?! I still remember the first time I met you and your precious little baby. And it feels just like yesterday! Can’t wait to see you girls soon. xoxo