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You know how the first baby comes along and you take millions (literally) of photos? And you buy countless special outfits? And then you take millions (literally) more photos? And then the second baby comes along, and you take lots of photos. Lots and lots and lots. And you love that baby just as much. But it’s just so hard to match the sheer number of photos you took of the first baby because you don’t have nearly as much time now! And maybe you hired a photographer for every milestone for the first baby. But now it feels so hard to find to make that happen, too! And maybe you fear that the kids will grow up and second and third grown-up child will be like, “Uh, hey, Mom?! Where are all MY photos?!”

I don’t have any babies. (Although, I once had a chihuahua. I know that’s not the same thing. But I really did take millions (literally) of photos of her.)

But I have heard so many of my clients say the same thing over the years. They say, “I can’t even believe second baby is already 8 months and we still haven’t had a photo shoot!

That was kinda like the call I got from the sweetest Momma a few months ago. She said, “We were going to do a newborn shoot … but it just didn’t happen. And now I feel like I regret it!”

But I knew it was ok … because the 3-6 month stage is SERIOUSLY cute.

So I came … they wore THE CUTEST jammies … and now there are precious photos of both of these little ladies : )

I loved working with these gals. We laughed. Played hide and seek. And I even got to see big sister’s swing set on a randomly balmy fall day. Which, is currently a nice memory since the windchill today is well below zero and there’s a huge pile of shoveling I have to go do : ( But like any responsible adult, I’m blogging instead ; )

Happy Snow Day!

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