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You pull out your phone everyday to take a picture of your kids. But the question is … when was the last time you got in the picture?

I know that sometimes as women we don’t feel 100% great about ourselves. And we think … when I lose that next 10 pounds, I’ll get in the pictures. Or, when I grow out this haircut, I’ll get in the pictures. And then somehow, the years go by. YEARS go by and few pictures are taken ofyou and your kids — or of the whole family together. 

There’s a running joke that the person who hates having her picture taken most of all is the one most likely to become a photographer. And it just might be true … because truth be told, I hate it. I’m in desperate need of new professional head shots for my site … but I shy away from it. (Actual truth: I avoid all cameras pointed in my direction like the plague.) So when I say that I get it —  the stress and anxiety you may feel about finding yourself in front of a camera  — I really do meant that I get it. 

I also get just how much social media today can make us feel like we’re just not measuring up. 

But I also know something that is SO much more important than your fears and insecurities. I know that in 20 years, the photos your kids will display in their own homes as cherished possessions won’t be the ones of just them. It will be the ones of YOU and them. Those are the pictures that I have all over my home. They mean the world to me. And interestingly enough, when I look at those photos from my childhood, I never notice the size of my Grandmother’s waistline or my Mom’s lack of thigh gap … I just see memories of the people I love.

Your kids love you just the way you are … right now. So, please, please, please … push those fears aside and get in the photos with your little ones. And when you book with a photographer, fight the urge to book a session just for your adorable kids. Book a session for YOU and your beautiful family.


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