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Way back in February of this year, I began a writing challenge here on the blog. And basically, well, I failed. I got a whopping five days into the challenge before I stopped. So I’ve decided to try and finish it! Better 6 months late than never, right?

So, here we go …


I have a sensitive heart … and it’s wide open to both little and big people. In fact, earlier this year I changed my business slogan to photographer of hearts because I feel like it’s my heart that leads me on every session. And while I photograph faces, it’s the heart I aim to capture.

My heart breaks easily, but loves deeply. Little ones win my heart with a smile. Friends win my heart with their faithfulness. But I’m assuming this question refers to winning my heart romantically … so here’s all it takes …

  1. Kindness. Show me kindness in little ways, and my heart will be happy. But let me catch you showing others kindness, and my heart will be yours.
  2. Chocolate. Lots and lots of dark chocolate.
  3. Laughter. I love to laugh. So laughing with people always makes me feel close to them. And if you can make me laugh, you’ve got my heart, for sure. If you can make me spit out my drink, I’ll marry you ; ) Ok, no not really … but I do love to spit out my drink while laughing every now and again. (I PROMISE not to do that at your wedding, though!)
  4. Chivalry. A feminist, I am not. Of course I can open my own door, pull out my own chair, fix my own car (well, I’ve changed a tail light before … does that count?), and generally care for my own needs. But if someone goes out of his way to do it for me, he has my heart.
  5. Feed me. You know that old saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Well it works for me too! I have food allergies … so I avoid gluten, cow dairy, corn, and food preservatives. I have NO problem feeding myself. (I feed myself too well, probably : )) When a fellow food allergy-sufferer is able to feed me, I appreciate it. But when someone who doesn’t share my allergies (and therefore probably doesn’t know the first thing about where gluten or dairy lurks in most foods) goes out of his way to feed me … well, that just makes me feel really special.

I just realized that 2 out of the 5 ways are food-related, lol.

Ok, now tell me … what are the five ways to your heart? Leave a comment below : ) I’m sentimental … so I love this subject!




p.s. Did you book your fall mini family photo session yet?


Kate Callahan is an on-location photographer who LOVES to capture authentic memories for families. She’s available for weddings, senior photos, child photo sessions, and family photography. Kate works with clients throughout the Hudson Valley, NYC,  Delaware (and the tri-state area), and beyond. She also writes motivational books for photographers. Find them at Dear Female Photographer.

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