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A few months ago I set 10 goals for things I wanted to accomplish this Spring. I’ve been meaning to be better with goal setting (eh hm, you could say that I had the goal of setting goals) … so I’m really, really glad that I followed through and did it! It’s amazing how many more cool things you do in life when you take the time to actually think about things you’d like to accomplish … and then write them down (and give yourself a deadline). I’m going to set my list of summertime goals next week. There’s SO much to do here in the Hudson Valley … and I don’t want to summer to come and go without me making sure I do some really special things.

But first … here’s how I did with my Spring goals!

1. Splurge on a PERFECT spring dress. Success/Fail. I really wanted to splurge on a beautiful maxi dress from Tulle & Batiste. But I’m in the middle of counting pennies to be used for some future goals … so I didn’t do it. The dress I want is $209, which is a major splurge, in my opinion. I did, however, find a summer dress at Target that I really love ($29) and I also just found a vintage 90s summer dress at Goodwill that I ADORE ($6). And now I’m kinda glad I didn’t splurge … because I JUST found an imitation of a Fillyboo dress that I’ve been wanting for years! Fillyboo’s amazing dresses are $400. But the imitation is $50. I know I’ve sworn off trying to order dresses from China … but LOOOOOOOK! If I end up pulling the trigger on the imitation dress (and hopefully loving it), I’ll have spent $85 on three dresses I love … which is certainly better than $209 on one. So I guess that makes this a major SUCCESS.

2. Find a new water-based nail color in an amazing shade of pink. Fail. I’m still wearing the water-based red nail polish I got last year, and it’s getting the job done for me.

3. Hike 3 new places. SUCCESS! This is my happiest and best success (note my happy smile in the photo. I was visiting Pawling Lakeside Park for the first time and fell in love with the trail around the lake).  I tend to get stuck in ruts very easily, especially when I find something I really enjoy. And it just so happens that in my immediate vicinity here in the Hudson Valley there are some AMAZING hiking trails. I’ve gotten very comfortable on a handful … and for the last few years I didn’t really venture out to new spots. Well, thanks to my goal, I tried many more than three new spots and found some AWESOME trails.

4. Design a wilderness garden. Success! I planted lavender, herbs, ferns, and other more wild flowers in a small little garden directly below the window adjacent to my home work station. I added in a hummingbird feeder and am currently enjoying the fresh scents coming from the garden and the buzz of the colorful hummingbirds. They’re so cute!

5. Buy (or finally find) a hammock. Fail. I can’t help but to still want to find a free hammock or other lounge chair for my yard. Seasonal products are always so marked up … it just feels like a waste to pay full price!

6. Take a train ride into Soho, buy 3 pain au chocolats, sit in the park … and EAT. Success/Fail. Not long after setting this goal, I discovered that Bread Alone bakery uses organic and very natural flours for their breads. My whole reason for wanting to get a pain au chocolat (or 5) in Soho was to revisit a bakery I found there that uses flour from France. I have an intolerance for gluten … but flour from Europe doesn’t bother me too much. But once I discovered that Bread Alone in Rhinebeck uses a flour that seems to work for me (at least on from time to time … not on a daily basis), I decided to pop in there and enjoy a pain au chocolat (or two). Plus, I absolutely love wandering around Rhinebeck!

7. Plan a winery trip with friends. Fail. I’m adding this to my summer list!

8. Slowly. Very, very, very slowly clean my liverSUCCESS! I’ve never done well with drastic changes in my diet or with dramatic measures taken to try and improve my health. Although I’d LOVE for my body to be faster with changes, I’ve accepted that it’s not. (Hmm … I guess you could say it very easily gets in ruts … definitely not a coincidence that my personality is like this, too!) I’ve tried two-week cleanses for the liver that are fairly drastic … but I rarely make it past day three. My body just can’t handle it. So instead, I’ve switched out my morning decaf coffee for roasted dandelion root tea. This particular type of tea is excellent for the liver and encourages a slow cleanse. I can’t say I feel any major improvements as a result … but I’m looking at this as a new life-long habit that will slowly … but surely … benefit me. Plus, I’ve come to absolutely love the taste of it and look forward to my tea every morning!

9. Keep going with my two personal projects: Life Lessons with Little People and Don’t Be Negative. Success! Speaking of slow and steady … that’s how this project is coming along. I just wanted to make sure the ball kept on rolling this Spring … and it has. I haven’t had the time to do as many interviews as I’d like … but I’m adding this to my goal list for this summer!

If you’d like to participate in either my life lessons with little people (kids ages 3-9 in the Hudson Valley, NY and Newark, DE regions) and Don’t Be Negative (women of any age in the Hudson Valley), let me know! I’d LOVE to work with you.

10. Sit still outside somewhere beautiful and paint a scene. Fail. I’m adding this to my summer list!

What have you been up to this spring?? I’d love to know!


p.s. I’m currently booking family and senior sessions throughout the entire Hudson Valley region … including Dutchess County, West Chester County, Columbia County, Putnam County, Orange County, and ulster county. 

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