hudson valley photographer: i need a (business) facelift!

I’m due for a rebrand. A good one. A THOROUGH one. I’m due, in fact, for a rebrand that I don’t do myself. I’ve been in business now for almost 12 years (I can’t believe that!)… and I’ve done all my own web sites (and my oh my have I had a lot of web sites!), blogs, graphic work, etc. But after my little epiphany the other day where I realized how much my INFJ personality affects the way I run my business … I’m thinking of how much it’s probably affecting my branding, too.

I’ve done graphic work and writing for over 20 years now. I’m always pleased with any graphic work I create for people. And while I’m not really actively seeking graphic arts clients at the moment, from time to time, I still do design work for friends. Sometimes I even overhaul their entire branding. And when I do … I feel like I NAIL it!

But I’ve never nailed my own branding. It’s ok … it’s clean. It’s accurate. It’s mostly consistent. But it’s not where it needs to be. And I THINK that the problem is that it’s super hard to do your own branding. It takes an outsider’s eye and perspective to help you put it all together in a way that is compelling to others.

So that’s a HUGE goal this year. I’m going to hire someone (I’ll check in with one of the amazing lady entrepreneur groups here in the Hudson Valley that I belong to in order to find the perfect designer) to help me put together the right new brand for my business.

I’ll be spending the next month creating some vision boards and figuring out what direction I really want my business to go in the next few years. One of the things that has always been a challenge for my designer (ha, ME!) is that I haven’t specialized my business. I’m not a wedding photographer. I’m not a kids photographer. I’m not a newborn photographer. I photograph ALL those different genres. My business brain absolutely knows that’s not the wisest thing to do. It’s always best to specialize. Nike doesn’t make high heels AND running shoes AND boots. They make running shoes … and they make them well. (Love my Nike Frees!) It’s the easiest way to grow and to get known well by a select group of people.

Buuuuuuuut …

… I really do love all the different types of photography that I do. I want to shoot weddings. I want to shoot kids. I want to shoot families. I WANT IT ALL!

But then how do you brand that?

Well … that’s the trouble. And that’s where my future genius branding specialist is going to help me out. I have some ideas … but we’ll see what becomes of them when I relinquish control and let someone else work his or her magic.

So … stay tuned! And please … feel free to share your thoughts about a new brand for my business!


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