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Good headshots matter! Here’s why …

I listened to a great Podcast the other day. Up for discussion was how photographers and business owners can engage more effectively with their clients on Instagram. I was liking all the suggestions until we reached this point: you should post photos of YOURSELF regularly along with dialogue that helps clients to get to know YOU better.

My arm pits started to sweat.

The individual suggested every 10 photos or so in your grid should be a photo of you. More sweat. With something personal about … you. Whew…the sweat. My homemade deodorant was definitely not working. (How’s that for something personal?!)

Now, I don’t mind the personal info.

Honestly, it’s the photo part I don’t like. (And yes, I know I’m a HUGE hypocrite because I encourage people to get in front of my camera … something I myself don’t do!)

You see, I’m behind the lens for a reason. It’s where I’m comfortable!

But as I listened to the discussion, I vowed to stay open-minded.

New clients need want to get to know YOU … the person behind the lens. This helps them feel more confident about hiring you.

Eesh. It made good sense.

So, while I have a literal fear of being in front of a camera, I’ve decided to try a little harder to be more personal here. Actually, I’ve BEEN trying for a bit to be more open here. Buuut, this is a good challenge.

I decided to try and take some photos of myself for instagram. But as you can see … 1.) My camera phone stinks. 2.)I really, REALLY am not at ease.

All that to say … I GET IT!

We know we need photos for our web sites, social media, and print marketing. But it can be scary and stressful having our photo taken. Mostly because we’re just way too hard on ourselves.

I love giving women photos that make them feel beautiful and confident. 

These headshot marathon sessions are a great way for me to offer ladies beautiful photos … and at a much lower price than a regular headshot session with me.

Here are the details …

We’ll shoot for about 25-minutes in Beacon, NY. I’ll meet you at Ella’s Bellas … and I totally recommend you grab a gluten-free treat before we start (I know I will!). We’ll be shooting outdoors … using beautiful (and flattering) natural light. I like working outdoors with folks because it is MUCH less intimidating than walking into a studio and having the bright lights turned onto you! This will feel like a little stroll around Beacon. And while we’re strolling, we’ll shoot along some different areas.

How “professional” do you want your headshots to be? White background? Or spraypainted background? Beacon has it all : ) Your headshots will be as casual or classic as you like.

We’ll laugh and have fun (promise) … and then a few days later I’ll send you 7 fully retouched, full-resolution headshots in both color and black and white.

Each mini session is $99. All major credit cards accepted through Paypal. 

8:00 OPEN



10:15 BOOKED

11:00 OPEN

11:45 OPEN

12:30 BOOKED

QUESTIONS?! Email me anytime at

Can’t wait to work with you!


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