Motivation Monday: Do it Anyway

I forgot how … but somehow, I stumbled onto F-Stop Magazines call for submissions. My thoughts went like this:

First thought: Cool, I should submit!
Second thought: Well … I don’t know …
Third thought: No, I should do it!
Fourth thought: Actually, my style isn’t really what they’re looking for.
Fifth thought: (clicking out of submission area) No, my images aren’t contemporary enough … they won’t want them.

A day or so later, I was thinking about opportunities … and how I easily dismiss them because I think either I’m not good enough … or it’s just “not for me”.

I’m learning that often, the “it’s not for me” feeling that creeps in is really just fear in disguise.

So I went back and submitted a few images.

And you know what? They accepted one and it’s in this month’s issue.

It serves as a fabulous reminder to me that I should listen to my first thoughts more often. My gut thoughts. There’s no need to over think every little thing. Sometimes it’s ok to just do it. And if it doesn’t work out … no problem. At least I tried.

Happy Monday!

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