ok, now that was fun! — delaware family photography

We pulled over on the side of the road. Walked down a leaf-filled path. Opened up a big suitcase full of toys and other goodies. And then here’s what happened …

We put on our best bunny hunting gear and went in search of a furry friend for the little guy (who just so happens to LOVE bunnies.) We didn’t find any … but that’s ok, because then the cowboys and indians were at war. Don’t worry, they settled things peacefully with a good old-fashioned dance off in the woods.

Kids have the best imaginations. Because, yes. Aviator goggles ARE necessary when hunting for rabbits.

Then we piled back in the car. Drove down the road. And then got back out for some more fun (and some seriously pretty light!) …

Phew … that was fuuuuuuun!!!!!!!

Much love to this fabulously creative and fun family. Be sure to check out Mom and Dad’s awesome work over at Amie Schroeder Photography.

Sniff, sniff … my little nephews aren’t so little anymore!


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