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Whew. The fall season is officially winding down for me and I’m slowly catching my breath. I have so many adorable family sessions to share the next few weeks. And I’m going to finish my blog writing challenge, too. (Eh hmm, the one I was supposed to finish back in February. Better late than never!) I’ve got 15 more posts to do … and 31 days to do them in. That’s definitely doable.

The winter months are typically when I rebrand and sometimes rebuild my web sites. This month the plan is to refresh my blog. I haven’t done a full makeover in 4 years … so I may end up going from refresh to rebuild. We’ll see. And then in January, I need to refresh my main family photography site. It’s always so much work … but well worth it in the end. One year I’m going to turn the whole project over to another design and ask him or her to do the branding work for me to see what they come up with. Maybe next year.

Ok, now on to the blog challenge!

DAY 15 (of 30) of my writing challenge: Post your highs and lows for the month

The month officially ends today… so this seems like the appropriate topic to get the ball rolling again.


  • Thor. I LOVED it. And not just because he’s beautiful. It’s been awhile since I was thoroughly entertained by a newly-released movie. In fact, I almost never go to the theatre (except the drive in … I’ll see anything at the drive in) for that very reason.
  • Finishing up editing all my fall sessions. I. AM. CAUGHT. UP!!!! Phew, that feels good.
  • NEW CAMERA!! I don’t believe that fancy equipment makes for good photography. It’s the photographer that makes good images. My main workhorse camera has been with me for the past eight years … and it’s done an AMAZING job. It’s never once given me problems. So even though Canon keeps putting out cooler and cooler versions of the same camera, I fought the urge to upgrade. But my main camera body is essentially like a car with 500,000 miles on it. It’s well-used and will definitely conk out one of these days. So before it does, I’m super happy to have added a new camera body to the team. And I LOOOOOOOVE the upgrades the camera offers me!
  • Butternut squash soup. I don’t know if the squash is just better than usual this season, or what,  but I’ve been nabbing them at Trader Joe’s and making the most insanely good roasted butternut squash soup. It makes my insides so happy!
  • Pulling out the boots. Not sure why I love winter boots so much … but I do : )
  • Buying my cute little fake fire place. It’s transformed my little home into a cozy, cozy place that I just don’t want to ever leave!


  • Finding that my cute little fire place is now 40% cheaper than when I bought it a few weeks ago!
  • Watching friends go through hard times. This has been a rough month for lots of people I love. It hurts my heart when friends hurt : (
  •  A tendinitis flair up. This happens EVERY fall. With a busy shooting season comes a busy editing season. And my arm gets mad at me every year.
  • Insomnia. Eesh. What in the world? This is a new problem for me that has popped up a few times this year. Last week it reared it’s ugly head again and kept me up for four nights in a row. It’s maddening to lie there in bed absolutely EXHAUSTED but unable to sleep. I’ve ordered a new white noise machine and light therapy box in the hopes they’ll help. Please, oh please, let them help!

There were more highs than lows … which is always a good thing. So, I’ll deem the month of November a success!




Kate Callahan is an on-location photographer who LOVES to capture authentic memories for families. She’s available for weddings, senior photos, child photo sessions, and family photography. Kate works with clients throughout the Hudson Valley, NYC,  Delaware (and the tri-state area), and beyond. She also writes motivational books for photographers. Find them at Dear Female Photographer.


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