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Rita is one! — hudson valley photographer

I got to be a part of another first year of life! So my heart is happy : ) Babies change so much … and I LOVE getting to watch them develop and just continue to make their parents fall more and more in love with them as the year rolls on. For this plan, […]

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What to do if you want to quit your day job and go full-time with your photography business … but you’re nervous your business won’t cover your life expenses

Dear Female Photographer, Please … please … please … say “no” to excuses. They sound like this: “That’s really nice that she was able to do (insert really cool thing here) with her business, but I can’t because of (insert excuse here).” OR “I would really love to (insert amazing thing here), but I can’t […]

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My bra almost killed me … but it led me to a very important realization about my photography business

Not long ago, I put myself on a STRICT budget. Like … for-real-you’re-doing-it-this-time-no-matter-what STRICT. I have very specific goals that I’ve wanted to achieve for a while … and the strict budget is a must. Thing is … I’m just terrible at strict budgets. But I began this new wave of penny pinching with a […]

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