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Winter is here in the Hudson Valley! So now that snow is on the ground and temperatures have dropped, can you still schedule a photo session for your little ones or family?

Yes! Winter is actually my favorite season for photo sessions! I love the rosy cheeks and cozy hats. I love the snuggles (you need them to stay warm!). And I love the snowmen. But even more than those things, I love getting to work with people in their homes. At-home photo sessions are just the best. Kids feel so comfortable in their own space and it really allows for amazing photos.

If you typically book your photo shoots in the summer or fall (also great times), but usually shy away from booking in winter, this year, give it a try! Sometimes people tell me that they want to schedule a photo shoot to celebrate a milestone, but they don’t want to do it in the winter. So they might opt to wait for warmer weather … which is great … but miss actually documenting the milestone. Winter really can be SO much fun. Here are some of the fun things we can do on your next photo shoot.

1. We can capture everyday routines in a very, very adorable way!

2. We can make good use of your fire place.

3. We can spend time out in the snow.

4. And then, of course, we can continue the photo shoot inside with some hot cocoa!

5. We can hang out in your little one’s playroom.

6. You can put on your cutest hats and coats and hang outside for a bit. Snuggles always help!

7. We can head to your very favorite store and have fun wandering around.

8. We can hang out with your pets. Not only are kids more comfortable in their own homes … but pets are, too!

9. We can do cookie or pancake making session. Baking some warm treats on a cold day always makes for awesome photos … and happy tummies! This works really well for Mommy-and-Me shoots … but also for taking pictures of the entire family.

10. We can go to an indoor garden center.

11. We can include your kids latest obsessions in the photos. It’s a really great way to document what today looks like.

12. We can go to a pretty cafe, cupcakery, diner, or bakery.

13. You can rock out your absolute CUTEST hats.

14. Put white sheets on the beds, dress the little ones in white onesies, and we can create the sweetest pictures.

15. Fill a room with balloons! (We put 100 pink balloons in this little one’s pink room. It turned out pretty cute!!)

16. We can hang out in your nursery or little one’s room(s). Pinterest has fueled the birth of SERIOUSLY cute nurseries! I’m often blown away by the level of cuteness out there! Let’s document memories in there now before you totally revamp it into a big-kid room!

17. We can hang out by a bonfire.

Just be sure to bring along some cozy, cute blankets for the pictures!

18. We can simply do your morning routine. Bed-head and all!

Breakfast, too ; )

19. You can dress up like a glamourous winter star!

20. Bubbles aren’t just for summertime! We can photograph bath time … bubbles and all!

How about you? Can you think of any fun winter activities you’d like to have on your next winter photo shoot? Leave a comment below!

Oh, and finally … there’s one more added bonus to winter sessions. Kids get SO excited in snow. They also get excited when they’re off of school! Book a session on a snow day or book a session when kids are home from school and you’re guaranteed to have EXTRA happy faces in your pictures : )

Book your winter session with me today! Contact me now!

Happy weekend!


Kate Callahan is an on-location photographer who LOVES to capture authentic memories for families. She’s available for weddings, senior photos, child photo sessions, and family photography. Kate works with clients throughout the Hudson Valley, NYC,  Delaware (and the tri-state area), and beyond. 

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