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Jess is my one of my amazing second photographers for weddings … so if I’ve shot your wedding, you may recognize her. She’s also my friend, and Mom to two absolutely ADORABLE little people. The day of their family photo session started off dreary, cold, and drizzly. We were hoping for beautiful evening sunlight … so I let her know that if it was going to be just too stressful not knowing how the evening would go, we could reschedule. I’m SOOOO happy she just went for it … because it was one of those weird days where the sky kept changing dramatically and ended up being really, really fun to shoot in.

We piled into the car … and set off in search of some fun spots for their family photos. On our way to Fair Hill Park in Maryland, we passed by a field that often is FILLED to the brim with  yellow mustard weeds. This year, there were almost none. Except for one random little scraggly patch right next to the road. We opted to give it a whirl (good things always happen when you just roll with WHATEVER during a photo shoot!!). They were brave enough to stick it out even after we realized the yellow flowers were also accompanied by poison ivy. (Sidenote: I did, in fact, get poison ivy on my wrist. And it’s been itching like CRAZY! Until today I tried bentonite clay made into a paste with witch hazel and tea tree oil. It’s MAGIC! No more itching!) And with the right angles, that little patch ended up being perfect : )

We piled back into the car and headed off for another spot. The wind was whipping … and the clouds were fairly thick. But it was still a beautiful evening for family photos …

There was a brightness behind the clouds that made me hopeful that we may in fact get some golden light peek out before the sunset. But even if we didn’t, it was still a really cool day for photos in a beautiful open field.

As it got closer to sunset time, we headed up higher to an area that would be PERFECT should the sun peek out. And right as we pulled into the parking lot, the sun peeked out for a second. We ran out to the field, but it went back in immediately. The clouds were thick, so I really didn’t think we’d get light again. But then … boom! The sun streamed out from behind a crack in the clouds and we got a good four minutes of buttery golden light : )

Four minutes was enough to get some gorgeous family photos … and I definitely feel that little bonus time with the sun was a special gift for Jess : ) I LOVE these photos … totally worth the poison ivy!

Want to create some special family photos with me this summer? I would SO love to help you plan out a really special session. We can be as simple or over-the-top as you want. Shoot me an email at I’ll be photographing families both in the Delaware region and up here in the Hudson Valley.

Happy  Weekend!


Kate Callahan is a Hudson Valley wedding photographer and family photographer who LOVES to capture authentic memories for people. She’s available for weddings, senior photos, child photo sessions, and family photography. Kate works with clients throughout the Hudson Valley, NYC,  Delaware (and the tri-state area), and beyond. 

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