Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer: Ece + Cody’s engagement photos

In just a few short months, these two will be getting married at Winterthur in Wilmington, DE. I’m sooo excited! I love Winterthur weddings … they’re so beautiful. But I’m more excited because I had the best time hanging out with these two on their mini date night the other night (aka, engagement photo session).

In order to help them figure out a good spot for their engagement photos, I asked them a few questions : )

I asked each of them to describe their relationship in three words.

She said: fun, easy going, and competitive

He said: supportive, competitive, and loving

I also asked them to describe their perfect date night.

She said: The perfect date can be anything from going out to a nice dinner and having a bottle of wine to taking the dogs with us to go for a walk or a hike and stop somewhere to get drinks or food afterwards, even staying home cooking together or playing board games. We are generally happy as long as we are together and I am not hungry.

Um … I hear you on the hunger!

He said: Some place where we can show our dance moves, then leave and grab a drink and apps at a good bar, then have a dinner with good wine, then maybe go out and play some darts or pool or something. I know it’s simple, but I love those types of nights with [her].

Based on their answers, we opted to go for a quick drink in Trolley Square (near the spot where they met!), a mini dance session in an alley (because, of course!), and then headed off to Brandywine Creek State Park.

It just so happens that a mini storm rolled in 5 minutes after we finished our session. I’m pretty sure that the little space of time right before a thunderstorm may be my favorite ever for photos. You get a dramatic sky … a fabulous breeze … and cool temperatures. Of course, you run the risk of the heavens opening up on you. But that might be part of the fun, too!

Ece and Cody, you two are so fun and … yes, competitive … together. I’m looking forward to seeing how your fun, romantic, competitive, and easy going wedding plays out. I have a goooooood feeling about it! See you in August!



Kate Callahan is a Hudson Valley wedding photographer and family photographer who LOVES to capture authentic memories for people. She’s available for weddings, senior photos, child photo sessions, and family photography. Kate works with clients throughout the Hudson Valley, NYC,  Delaware (and the tri-state area), and beyond.

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