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I was hunting around online today looking at different wedding venues here in upstate NY. I came to two conclusions:

  1. We are really, really, really, really spoiled up here! There are SO many beautiful barn wedding venues, winery wedding venues, and other intimate wedding spots. Not to mention the beautiful mountains, woods, lakes, and gardens that are aplenty in Upstate NY. My search really reminded me of how grateful I am to live here.
  2. There are SO, SO, SO many wedding venues that I’ve never worked in before! There are newer venues that are just being born … and then long-standing wedding venues that have been around for decades. I totally get why couples say it can feel overwhelming trying to choose the right spot.

Now, really… I want to work in them all. Because while I do enjoy the comfortable feeling of returning over and over to a venue I really love, I get SUPER excited when I get to photograph a wedding in a venue I’ve never worked in before. Everything about the day feels fresh and that really sparks my creativity.

So here are two of the wedding venues I swooned over that really stole my heart. I’m SO hoping to work with a couple or two in each of these venues this year or next.

[Please note: The photos below are all featured on each of the venue’s sites. I didn’t take them. I’ve credited any of the wedding photographers that were credited with the photos. Give them a visit, too!]

Roxbury Barn and Estate
Roxbury, NY

I popped on their web site and thought the reception site looked pretty awesome …

photo by Emily Delamatar

Right? It’s beautiful!

But then I saw the ceremony site in their Pine Grove, and that did it for me. This is just the MOST stunning spot for a romantic wedding in the woods!

photo via

There’s nothing I love more than wandering through the woods … and there are a few spots I frequent that have tall pines and something about them make me feel so at peace. The way they sway in the breeze and stand so tall and majestic above me calms my heart. Imagine getting married beneath them. Imagine having a first look tucked away under those tall pines. Oh my.

I’m a hopeless romantic, and what can I say? This spot just screams romance to me.


Gilbertsville Farmhouse

South New Berlin, NY

Ok … these guys had me at glamping. And then they sealed the deal with the whole 3-day-wedding-celebration thing!  This place is gorgeous … rustic … glamorous … and looks like a WHOLE lot of fun. Plus, they have these little guys …

photo via

A whole little village of them, actually!

Go check them out. You’re going to fall in love with their ceremony area … the AMAZING barn for receptions … and guys, they have a hammock park. So … you know … that makes me LOOOOOVE this place. I already know that the people who pick this place for their wedding are fuuuuun and would be an absolute BLAST to photograph. I also know that the family and friends that they invite are SUPER important to them, because they’re choosing to spend the entire weekend celebrating with them. And I so want to be there to capture all the love, joy, and laughter.



Kate Callahan is a Hudson Valley wedding photographer and family photographer who LOVES to capture authentic memories for people. She’s available for weddings, senior photos, child photo sessions, and family photography. Kate works with clients throughout the Hudson Valley, NYC,  Delaware (and the tri-state area), and beyond.


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