what on earth should we wear???!!!!!!!

If the thought of selecting clothes for the family for your next session just plain old overwhelms you … well, then just know that you’re not alone. “What should we wear?” is the the number one question I get asked. And it’s a great question! The clothing that you select can really enhance the look of your pictures. Here are a few suggestions that may help.

Suggestion 1: If you’re a Mom, then start by reading some tips that I put together on getting ready for your session. The most important suggestion in that particular list? Pick out your outfit first. As women, we are super hard on ourselves at times. So choose something that you feel AMAZING in. And then coordinate everyone else’s outfits around yours.

Suggestion 2: If the thought of putting together outfits that compliment each other absolutely overwhelms you, then go to a store that does the hard work for you … Old Navy, Gap, and H&M to mention a few. These stores are carefully laid out in such a way that when you walk into the store you can actually feel a positive energy and mood (they gotta keep you happy so you’ll spend more $$$ ; )). One way this is accomplished is by making sure the clothes don’t clash with each other. They may not match perfectly with everything … but pretty much anything in the store in any department looks good with anything else. Here are a few examples:

Old Navy is big on having a few main colors each season … in this example, blue, green, and coral are the colors that each outfit have in common … and then other neutrals just support the main hues.

Mixing and matching patterns can look really great … especially from one store since, as you can see below, the reds on Dad, son, and daughter are the same shade … so that helps to keep the different patterns from looking busy together …

Neutrals can look great in the fall since the world around us is alive with color. Gap is pretty much neutral headquarters! I can’t think of anyone who designs with the neutral palette so well. Grays, whites, khakis, and jean are all great neutrals. Little additional pops of color (especially in the kids outfits) add extra visual interest …

The next example is similar to the one above … gray and blue act as the common thread for the outfits … but the little extra pops of color and pattern are with the kids outfits …

If you’re looking for something a little funkier, then H&M might be your place. There’s no overall theme in the next example … but you can see that the clothes look great together …

And this last one is my favorite : ) After all the hard work you do, Mom, you can shine in the pictures! The colors on Dad, son, and daughter’s outfits are rich while Mom’s color pops. Doing this for any family member can add visual interest to the pictures. If you’d rather your children have the extra pop in the pictures, then just keep Mom and Dad in the rich colors and the kids in the bright ones.

Hope this helps a little : ) Keep in mind that layering is important in the fall! Temperatures change dramatically throughout the day … so having layers on hand can keep people comfortable and can also help to change up the look of pictures with ease.

And as always, if you’re stumped on what to wear for your session … shoot me an email! We’ll work it out together : )

Happy Thursday!

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