I specialize in putting people at ease.

I'm pretty good with a camera. (Which is important.) But my true gift is my ability to photograph camera-shy couples and families in a way that enables them to relax and enjoy themselves. And honestly, this is the most important ingredient in beautiful photos. 

There are couples who LOVE having their photo taken. And I work with them sometimes, too : ) But most often, my couples contact me and say something like this:

We HATE having our photo taken! But we want beautiful photos of our wedding and of us. This is honestly the most important thing to us! We really want photos that show who we are ... it's just that we can never relax in front of a camera and end up looking ridiculous.

If this is how you feel, then just know that I totally understand that fear! And how it can even add stress where there should only be JOY.

So, I approach every engagement session and wedding the very same way ... with great empathy, sincerity, and a whole lot of bad jokes : ) I offer gentle guidance and posing as needed ... but mostly, I help you forget about the camera and focus on each other. I set the stage so you can just be ... you. It works every time! 

Contact me today and tell me about you guys : ) We can start planning your dream engagement session so I can prove to you how stress-free photography can be!