how can I help you?

These are crazy, uncertain, and ever-changing times! I've talked with so many couples who just don't know how to plan their wedding right now. That can be really frustrating! For couples that are already booked with me ... no worries. I'm going to do everything in my power to be as flexible as possible with date changes. I know it's not your fault!!

For couples who are thinking about booking me for a "regular" wedding (you know, the kind where you invite whomever you want and celebrate however you want... remember those days?!) but you aren't sure if you're date will be "safe" ... contact me and let's talk. I will only be taking a very limited number of weddings so that I can stay as flexible as possible for couples. If your date will end up needing to change, I'll do my absolute best to change with you.

If you're thinking about booking me for a very intimate, personal wedding with just a handful of your closest friends or maybe even just an elopement for the two of you ... please reach out to me! I'll tell you so many stories of elopements and intimate weddings that were amazing and hopefully help you feel more excited about it. They're honestly my favorite type of wedding day to photograph! Stripping things back to nothing but you guys is incredibly beautiful and special. 

Email me at with details, and I can get back to you with custom pricing.