Portrait and Family Photo Sessions

Dear Mom Who Doesn’t Get in the Photos,

You pull out your phone everyday to take a picture of your kids. But the question is … when was the last time you got in the picture?

At-Home Newborn Sessions

I LOVE offering my photography clients at-home newborn sessions. This is why …

6 Quick Tips for Your Family Session

It’s the week of your photo session … and you’re starting to panic! Deep breathes! Here are 6 quick tips to help you stay calm.

Wedding and Engagement Photography

How to Choose A Wedding Photographer You’ll Really Love

As you drift from one wedding photographer’s web site to the next, you may find yourself loving, well, most of what you see from all the different photographers! There really ARE so many incredibly talented photographers in business today. Try not to let this overwhelm you. It’s actually a really great “problem”. Somewhere out there is truly THE perfect person for your special day. And with some patience, you’ll find him or her.

I’ve worked as a professional wedding photographer since 2007. In this video, I share a few tips to keep in mind when searching for the PERFECT wedding photographer for your wedding.